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AI Image Enlarger for Mobile

AI Image Enlarger Apps

Enlarge image and photo instantly on Mobile Phones.

  • Support enlarging photos for 2x / 4x / 8x (For Pro Version).
  • Provide taskID and check the status.
  • No need to wait until the enlargement process finished.
  • Unlimited Access (For Free and Pro)
  • Fully Customizable for iOS and Android

Enlarge Image on Your Mobile Phones

Enlarge and Upscale image by up to 200%/400%/800% without quality loss. No need to wait!

enlarge image on ios

1. Upload

Select an image or photo from your phone and upload to our server.

check status when enlarging image

2. Check TaskID Stuats

You will get a taskID instantly once image uploaded. You can close the App and get back to check it after a while.

download image upscaled by AI Image Enlarger app

3. Download

When the status is "Success", you can preview or save the enlarged photo to your Phone. You can manage and download the latest 5 or 10 taskIDs.

Reviews from Users

Learn how the users say.

Charles Brown

Thank you so much! I love this you turn a 1080p image into 8k and it adds more details! You should make a donate button because i would certainly press it :) Keep up the good work I just saw the pro version im gettimg it :)

Márk Kerekes

I just love this app very much! It makes the job so easy and in few clicks you have your photo enhanced. Really useful.

Dale Bauer

Omg the quality got SO MUCH BETTER! Those who give low rating probably has no idea how to make it work. Its slow but oh god, the result, the quality compensates it!

Booth Lanc

I pick this app and has a great photo enlargement in less than 2 minutes. The result is very very good. I will come back to tweak some things and now know how to use all of this tool. Great!

AI Image Enlarger free for mobiles

Free for iOS/Android

Support 4x | Recent 5 taskIDs | No Ads
1200*1200 | Unlimited Access

AI Image Enlarger Pro for mobiles

Pro for iOS/Android

Support 2x/4x/8x | Recent 10 taskIDs | No Ads
2000*2000 | Unlimited Access

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