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Bắt đầu sử dụng AI Image Enlarger ngay lập tứcTiết kiệm 30% vào năm 2021!

Cho thử nghiệm

Miễn phí

  • Kích thước tối đa: 5MB
  • Kích thước tối đa: 1200*1200
  • Tỷ lệ tối đa: 2x/4x
  • Tín dụng miễn phí: 8
  • Quảng cáo
  • Không có quy trình hàng loạt
Cao cấp



  • Kích thước tối đa: 10MB
  • Kích thước tối đa: 2000*2000
  • Tỷ lệ tối đa: 2x/4X/8X
  • Truy cập vô hạn
  • Sharpener/Bg Remover: 100 hình ảnh/tháng
  • Không quảng cáo
  • Quá trình thực thi
  • Thông báo qua email cho từng hoàn chỉnh
Doanh nghiệp



  • Kích thước tối đa: 10MB
  • Kích thước tối đa: 2000*2000
  • Tỷ lệ tối đa: 2x/4X/8X
  • Truy cập vô hạn
  • Sharpener/Bg Remover: 500 hình ảnh/tháng
  • Không quảng cáo
  • Quá trình thực thiPriority
  • Thông báo qua email cho từng hoàn chỉnh

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Asked Question

Feel free to contact us whenever you have problems.

How long the photo enlargement will process?

Generally, our system will take 15 to 30 seconds for 200% and 400% enlargement. If you are using 800% upscale, it will take 40 seconds to half and one minute. To learn more about it, please read this post - enlarge pictures quickly.
However, we provide email notification services so there is no need to wait. We will deliver the download link and send it to your email address.
For Image Enhancer, Image Denoiser, Image Sharpener, the whole process will finish within 15 seconds.

What is the email notification?

AI Image Enlarger provides free email notification services. Powered by this service, you can upload the picture and do not need to wait. Our system will receive your uploaded pictures and process them. After finished, we will deliver an automatic email to your email address with the download URL. You can get the enlarged pictures in your inbox.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a recurring subscription, You can email [email protected] We will cancel your subscription within 24 hours after we have received your email. Please provide your account email or payment ID. You can also manage your subscription on your PayPal account.
No money and credit card required for the Free Member. Enjoy it free.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

Yes, When you have finished the payment, the price will be charged. Your subscription and images will recur automatically. Our order process is conducted by PayPal, which provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

Can I upscale images for 8x or even 16x?

Yes, You can upscale images for 8x right now. We will purchase more powerful servers and hardware to improve the speed and stability of enlargement process. You can expect that.

Will you use the images for other purposes?

For protecting your privacy, all uploaded images/photos will be cleared every 12 hours. We will never use or share the uploaded images/photos for other purposes.

What about the returns and refunds?

You can claim refund request at anytime by contacting us in 7 days after you have paid for the subscription. We will issue a refund for used images($0.25/per image). The image processing is considered done when you enlarge the image successfully.

What about the intellectual property?

AI Image Enlarger will not claim ownership over contributed content, upload images and enlarged items. However, you can grant us to use your contributed content to help us improve our services.