Photoshop Alternative: Best AI Upscaler Makes Your Photo Stand Out

Photoshop Alternative: Best AI Upscaler Makes Your Photo Stand Out

An attractive image usually shows a vivid visual effect and tells a good story to its users. Compared with words and text, images have more priority to grab people’s attention with lesser effort.

If you want to build visual communication with the customers, why not make use of high-quality images? Making photos stand out does not require the best subjects or excellent photography skills. You can simply use the AI image upscaled to achieve the goal.

In this article, we are going to introduce the basic information of photo resolution and compare the traditional and new-age ways of enlarging photos without losing quality. Read the content and pick up your favorite.

The Image Resolution

Image resolution is how much detail a picture holds. It can also be defined as the number of pixels in an image. If an image is of low resolution, it means that it has less detail. If it is high resolution, it means that there are more details captured in the image.

The best thing about viewing images is when you can see the minor details in high quality. Image resolution is the one responsible for holding the clarity of an image. The higher resolution of the picture, the clearer the details. It applies to other types of images as well.

The Main Purpose of Increasing Image Quality

Whether you are a viewer or an editor, good quality makes an image easy to view. There are different purposes for increasing the photo quality.

Easy to View

For general viewers, it is easy to view the image with high resolution. If the image is small and blurry, we have to spend more time understanding what it expresses. We may miss many details because we can’t see the image.

Convenient for Edit

For editors, a high-res photo seems more friendly to users when it comes up editing it in software. A high-res image features a clear frame and shape, crisp graphics and design, sharp definition, and beautiful color. You can easily resize the image, adjust the details, and preview the updated effect.

More Interesting

Surely, it will be more interesting if the picture shows everything in it clearly. People may become more interested in exploring the story behind all details given. If you are a blogger or designer, using high-res photos helps you stay the reader.

The Traditional Tool Upscale Image Online – Photoshop

Trading the image resolution changer for size or upscaling photos in Photoshop is relatively easy when you know the basic controls. Let us show you how to do it.

How to Increase Image Resolution By Photoshop

  • 1. Open The Image in Photoshop and Go to Image Size Dialog

In Photoshop, open your image, and select an image size. Then, make sure the chain icon connecting these attributes is active to maintain the new proportion of Width to Height.

  • 2. Set The New Width & Height Value

Fill in the Width and Height values under Dimensions. The new picture file size is placed at the top of the box of the Size Image dialog, along with the old data size in parentheses.

  • 3. Pick Resample and Method for Interpolation

Pick Resample and an interpolation method. Assuming your graphic includes layers with a mixing process to them, go to the gear icon and pick Scale Styles to scale the effects. If you choose Constrain Proportions, this option will be available.

Note: To resample your scaled image, click OK once you’ve finished selecting settings.

Before and After Effects:

The Disadvantages of Upscaling Images by Photoshop

  • Beginners May Be Confused

Photoshop is meant to be versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations. However, if you are a newbie with no prior expertise in editing images or design software, you may find Photoshop to be challenging. Therefore, it’s crucial to grasp the toolbox.

  • Photoshop Doesn’t Allow Complete Purchase

Photoshop may be a little expensive for certain people. Adobe will not allow you to pay for it all at once because Photoshop does not provide a lifetime plan. You’ll have to decide whether to spend on a monthly or yearly basis. That implies you’ll pay as long as you use the software.

  • Some Issues in Performance

There are a lot of issues when you are rendering graphics in high quality. It may also cause some lag at first, depending on your computer specs.

  • Quality Loss after the image is Upscaled

We have taken an anime photo as an example and upscaled it 4 times in Photoshop. From the result, you can see that the image size has been expanded, but the quality gets damaged.

Use Online AI Image Upscaler to Enhance Image

Artificial intelligence employed by an online image more upscale enhances and enlarges images by inserting pixels into the picture. This process is known as super-resolution.

AI image upscaler could be extremely useful in enhancing photo details since upscaling involves copying and repeating pixels from a smaller resolution image to cover all of the pixels on a better resolution screen.

Imglarger: Best AI Image Upscaler Make Your Photo Stand Out

AI Image Enlarger is a cutting-edge online application that allows you to improve and expand any image quickly. It’s based on trimming machine learning techniques and guarantees stunning enlargements. In addition, it can easily convert any small image to a larger one without sacrificing quality.

How to Use Imglarger to Increase Image Resolution?

  • 1. Create a free account by submitting your username and email.
  • 2. Log in to your account and upload the image you want to enlarge.
  • 3. Hit the button or drop the image in the space provided.
  • 4. Choose upscaling times(2x, 4x, 8x), click “Start” to process the rendering.
  • 5. Preview and effect and get the image stored on your desktop.

Before and After Effects:

The Advantages of Its Photo Upscaling Feature:

  • The tool enables you to upscale your photo in 10 seconds
  • It is free to enlarge and download the photo on this platform
  • Allows users to upload JPG and PNG files
  • Support max 5MB or 1200*1200px for a free plan
  • Premium users can upload images up to 4000*4000px for upscaling
  • The converting process is automatic
  • Users can preview the effect before saving the image on their computers
  • No watermark on the enhanced photos
  • Web-based applications, Desktop apps, and Mobile apps are all available on Android and iOS

Limitations of Imglarger

  • The free testing of Imglarger is only for limited use. But it is still great for testing the tool.
  • The application only allows you to output the enlarged image as a JPG file.


The sharpness, definition, and detail go up alongside the image resolution. A good quality image also comes from many other factors like good lighting, correct exposure, and composition. You can utilize the coolest photographs as the business card or print them as precious gifts,

We know that more megapixels can mean better quality. But how to increase image resolution without losing quality? In the long term, most of us tend to open Photoshop and explore the way of resizing images. But now, we have better choices, and we can do it in simple clicks with the help of AI image upscalers.

Though Photoshop has comprehensive photo editing features, it is not friendly to beginners who have never used it. Luckily, online image upscales like imglarger can turn your small photo into a bigger one while ensuring quality.

Whether for viewing or editing, it has always been great to see high-photo-quality enhancers. Thus, to Upscale image online with Imglarger is the best choice of all. Go to and take an adventure on photo upscaling immediately. The most professional service makes your photo stand out without a doubt.