How To Enlarge Thumbnails Without Being Blurry

What is a thumbnail image?

A thumbnail is a compressed preview image of an original one. The most important benefit is the reduced size with considerably quicker loading time on your website. The size of a thumbnail image can vary, depending on the site and platform. However, smaller sizes make it easier for businesses to provide more content without too many delays. Now you may wonder how to enlarge thumbnails without being blurry?

Why do we need to enlarge thumbnails?

Whether your thumbnail image is taken on your own or found on online galleries, you might want to enlarge it sometimes. For instance, the surrounding areas can be too frustrating and make the main subject less attractive. Thus, you need to “zoom in” a bit. The same thing holds true for portrait pictures in which you want to focus on the beautiful face of the model instead of the whole body.

thumbnail images

I have found some solutions to enlarge the thumbnails for other purchases. However, no luck. For example, I have read the article on CNET that introduces a plugin called Hover Zoom. The plugin is invalid and the developer is not going to maintain this program. It shows 404 after redirected to its download page.

404 error

So I realized that enlarging thumbnails is not a simple job. A common challenge of enlarging thumbnails is that the image can become blurry. This is because digital pictures are comprised of pixels. When you want to make them bigger, there is not sufficient information to display all of the colors and details. As a result, your thumbnails would reduce in overall quality. Fortunately, there are many solutions to convert low resolution to high resolution. And AI Image Enlarger is one of them. In this article, I will compare the AI solution with some traditional methods.

Traditional methods to enlarge thumbnails

You can easily enlarge thumbnails on your computer by using the resize function. It is available in most photo editing tools. Photoshop is one of the most popular options.

However, there are two drawbacks to using traditional methods. Firstly, most of them can be costly. You have to pay for the licenses to use the software. Also, it might take time to learn how to use the tool and special technique.

I use an original small thumbnail and add the image to Photoshop. Enlarge the thumbnail by using its resizing tool. And here is the result.

enlarge small thumbnail image

The original image.

use photoshop to enlarge thumbnail

After setting the image size, I enlarged the original small image by 4 times and get such a result.

the enlarged thumbnail by photoshop

There is no doubt that the thumbnail gets blurred. We could not use this image in other presentations, video thumbnail, or even printing.

How to enlarge thumbnails with AI Image Enlarger

If you are looking for a free and high-quality solution to enlarge thumbnails without sacrificing the quality, then AI Image Enlarger should be in your consideration list. Below are a few simple steps to help you get the job done:

  • Step 1: Go to the official site of AI Image Enlarger at https://imglarger.com
  • Step 2: Click to choose the image you want to enlarge. Another option is to drag and drop the image into the box
  • Step 3: Select the type of image, including the face, photo, artwork, or high-grade (recommend)
  • Step 4: Select the scale you want to enlarge the image. Options available include 2x, 4x, and 8x
  • Step 5: Click on “Start” to begin the process
  • Step 6: After a few seconds, your enlarged thumbnail is available for downloading to your personal computer or mobile device

Here is the sample thumbnail image. It is small in size.

enlarge small thumbnail image

After using AI Image Enlarger, you can view the enlarged thumbnail image below.

enlarge thumbnail

Benefits of using AI Image Enlarger

Compared to other tools and applications available for enlarging thumbnails, AI Image Enlarger is a great solution for many reasons. Below are a couple of benefits that you can get from this online tool:

  • – Ease of use: Everything can be done easily in a few simple steps. Even when you are not tech-savvy, the user-friendly and intuitive interface of AI Image Enlarger can help you navigate with ease
  • – Advanced machine learning and deep learning: The tool collects a massive number of photos and images to tech its deep learning network. Once you upload the thumbnail, it is able to analyze your image and add some details to allow for an enlarged result without a loss of quality.
  • – Optimized hardware: AI Image Enlarger uses the new generation of GPU and advanced algorithms to optimize operation. This means that the whole process will take only a few seconds to complete. You can save a lot of time and effort with this great tool
  • – Completely safe and free to use: No registration is needed to use the tool. It is completely free for everyone. But if you want, it is possible to pay extra money to enjoy some premium benefits. All uploaded thumbnails will be deleted from the database after every two hours to protect your personal privacy


While there are many tools and approaches available to enlarge thumbnails without making them blurry, most of them do not deliver the expected results or might be too expensive. AI Image Enlarge is a completely free online solution that can help you get the expected results without losing quality.


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