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Hi, Dear. we are so thrilled you’ve chosen to use our AI Image Enlarger. Now we offer free upgrade opportunities for our users. It is quite simple and free. Just write your review and give us 5 stars, you will win the monthly member for free.

Step 1. Go to Trustpilot and find Imglarger. Here is the link.
Step 2. Give us 5 stars and write a simple review.
Step 3. Publish the review and send a screenshot to [email protected]. Leave your email address to let us know.

write review on Trustpilot

When we confirm this review, we will upgrade the member type from Free Member to Half-Yearly Member. Then, you can enjoy the premium services for one month.

We also appreciate it if you share your review on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter at the same time, and we will thank you by extending the length of your paid member.

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Please note:

#1. The review would be more than 20 words and written by yourself. Do not copy any content from other places.

#2. One account could only get one monthly member for free.

#3. Never delete the review on your network once you have got a FREE Upgrade!

#4 This FREE Upgrade would be valid for one month.


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