How to Get a JPG File with High Resolution: Tools and Tips

How to Get a JPG File with High Resolution: Tools and Tips

It is a picture that can say a thousand words. Visuals have never been more powerful when it comes to conveying a message. When photos are poorly exported, they appear low quality, slow down your site, and lose the interest of your visitors. If you want your graphics to look their best, keep these suggestions in mind.

What is a JPG File?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The group realized that large photography files needed to be compressed. JPG conversion degrades image quality, and its lossy compression removes some data permanently. Its file is smaller than a PNG.

If a small file is necessary, use a JPG. Other than saving as a JPG, there are ways to reduce file size. Smaller images load faster on the web. The growing adoption of high-speed internet minimizes this risk. Affected users would appreciate your concern.

What Does a Low-resolution JPG Mean?

“Low resolution” is subjective. Low-resolution photos have fewer pixels or higher compression than high-resolution images. They trade image quality for file size.

In low-resolution rasterized images (photographs), detail may be lost. In the detailed comparison on the right, you can notice the blurriness.

A JPG image is 300 dpi high resolution. The most widely used image file format is JPG, and the files have good compatibility and global application. Almost any application can open and convert this format. JPGs also offer up to 16 million colors. A picture file is reduced in quality when compressed because of the same pixel combinations, resulting in the loss of image data.

How Do I Know The Pixels of a JPG Picture?

Pixelated or blurry photos are a significant letdown when printed. So please make sure your photos are high enough resolution for the size you want.

On a Windows PC, choose the required file to see its resolution. Right-click the image and choose “Properties.” A window with the image’s details appears. Click the “Details” button to see the image’s proportions.

Like a PC, determining a photograph’s resolution on a Mac is straightforward. Right-click the desired image. Click “Request Info.” The image information window will open. The “More Info” button has the image’s dimensions and resolution.

How to Enlarge a JPG without Losing Quality?

Resizing digital images might be a frustrating process if you’re a novice. To attract customers, programs often overestimate their simplicity, quality, results, and more. We are here to help with how to enlarge a jpg file, so there is no need to be alarmed.

Enlarge a JPG image without degrading quality by Imglarger

AI Image Enlarger can increase the JPG size and resolution of images while preserving their quality. By minimizing noises and sharpening, you can improve image quality. AI-powered Image Enhancement Tools allow you to drop or click on a picture to enhance it. Increasing the size of an image does not affect its quality. Expand by 200%, 400%, and 800% to provide more assistance.

Incredibly versatile for users of any skill level.


  • Cheaper Price: the pricing plans are friendly for anyone who want to enhance his photo online.
  • Has a mobile version(PhotoAI) for use on their mobile devices. It is available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Easy to use: even kids and old people can use this application. It doesn’t require any experience.
  • You won’t be confused while visiting imglarger as its UI interface is much more friendly.
  • Automatic retouching. Less manual intervention. You can enlarge or enhance the photo in seconds.
  • Natural and professional effect.


  • Only three upscaling times can be selected. (200%, 400%, 800% )
  • You need to be a subscribed member to unlock ultimate features.

Enlarge Small Jpg by Imglarger Mobile – PhotoAI

Photo AI is Imglarger’s mobile application. PhotoAI for mobile might breathe new life into an old, hazy photograph by upscaling, sharpening, and colorizing it using magical AI technology. Since 2018, when we introduced the initial version of AI Image Enlarger, our team and team members have been working with AI technology for several years. Now, we’ve integrated all of these capabilities into PhotoAI, so you can increase your productivity when using AI to enhance your images and increase image resolution.

PhotoAI is an all-in-one artificial intelligence toolset for enhancing images on iOS/Android.

PhotoAI using steps:

  • Open App Store or Google Play, tap “PhotoAI” in the search bar of the store.
  • Get the right software and download it on your phone.
  • Click the Icon of PhotoAI to run the app.
  • Choose the Enlarger feature and start to upload a picture you want to enlarge.
  • Select magnification ratio(2x, 4x, or 8X). Note that only pro members can upscale photos to 4x and 8x.
  • Wait for PhotoAI to process the image. During this period, you can watch tv or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Preview the effect, download the picture that has been enlarged, and close the app to end the task.

Get PhotoAI from Google Play:

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JPG Image FAQ:

When should I Use JPG?

You should prefer to use the JPG format when you have the following needs.

You’re dealing with images and artwork that you’ve found online. JPEGs have the most control over raster manipulation and compression, making them excellent for web images that need to be quickly downloaded.

All of your artwork and photographs are on your mind. High-resolution JPEGs are ideal for editing and printing because of their low compression levels.

You need to deliver a preview image to a customer. These photographs are perfect for sending because they may be shrunk to petite sizes.

When Should I Avoid Using JPG?

Though using a jpg file has many benefits, sometimes you need to avoid using this format when you upload or share your pictures. Follow the below instructions.

Transparency is required in your web graphic. Because JPEGs lack a transparency channel, they need a background that is a solid color. Clarity is best achieved with GIF or PNG.

A layered, editable image is required. JPEGs cannot be reverted since all alterations are preserved in a single layer, unlike other picture formats. Photoshop (PSD) files can create a fully editable image.

Where to Find High-quality JPG? is a website where you may get free photos and other files without having to pay for them. Images, illustrations, vector graphics, film footage, and music are all shared under the special Pixabay license, which enables unrestricted use of the material with a few constraints.

What Is The Best Alternative for Imglarger?

There are so many applications capable of editing and restoring photos. However, if you only need to enlarge the photo without losing quality, you can enjoy the service provided by imglarger. However, imglarger is not the best solution when it comes to batch enlargement of images. There is a good alternative called imgupscaler.

Imgupscaler is another website where you can enlarge photos online. Using up-to-date AI technology, this free online tool can upscale and enhance the quality of your uploaded images. Moreover, it allows batch processing for up to ten photos in a single batch. It is a wonderful helper for designers and bloggers because it can deal with multiple images at one time. As with imglarger, imgupscaler doesn’t compress the image quality.


When it comes to specialist apps that effectively boost image resolution, AI Image Enlarger is the best photo enlarger. Photography has something for everyone, no matter their aesthetic preferences. Consider your decision a process of optimization, and use the criteria we’ve discussed to help you make it.

Hope all of our shares help you a lot. You can also find more tips and guides on how to increase image resolution or enhance photos for free by keeping an eye on the imglarger blog.