How to Increase Image Resolution

Image resolution is a crucial part of an online identity, regardless if it’s for a business or personal use. Back in the day, low res images are acceptable. This was because digital camera technology was primitive.

Today, having low res images is unacceptable.

The digital camera evolved at an exponential rate of the past 35 years. Even most mid-tier cameras these days can capture 1080p images, so having low res images is bad. If you have an important image but low res, you need to increase image resolution as soon as possible.

How do you know how to increase photo resolution?

In this guide, we’ll teach you the different techniques on how to increase the resolution of image. Learn how to fix the resolution of a picture with these easy tips and tricks.

How to Increase Image Resolution

1. Increasing Image Resolution With Online Services

The first technique you can use to increase the resolution of image is to use an online service. Unlike image services a few years ago, there is more legit technology for this problem now. There are services on how to enhance the resolution of a picture.

How do these online services work? This depends on the tech of the company doing the job.

Some of the newer innovative services that increase image resolution use machine learning. Machine learning technology uses input data from users and creators to make predictions. If you use an end to end trainable network, the AI learns what to expect from the tasks.

How does this help on how to increase photo resolution? Remembering the original images, machine learning uses mathematical algorithms to predict the pixels.

This type of machine learning results in better tech. It helps recreate entire images in higher resolution without sacrificing detail.

Rather than resort to stretching pixels, this type of image enlarger works better. It creates a larger version of the same photo with all the pixel positions recreated.

How Other Types of Image Upscalers Do It

Other types of services on how to enhance the resolution of a picture use different styles. The most common uses a combination of techniques to remove any graininess on the photo.

First, they try to remove JPEG artifacts, known as “blocky noise”. JPEG artifacts are noises that compression introduces. These distortions include:

  • Loss of sharpness on high-contrast edges
  • Blocking edges with chroma downsampling
  • Loss of color details

Many image enhancers try to reverse this problem first.

Next, they try to upscale the image. Many stay at around 4 times the resolution.

While this happens, the service tries to make sure there is no loss around the edges and features. Edges and features show the most noticeable change when you increase resolution of image.

Rescaling will then happen, preserving image quality. It will also add any details that don’t pan out or missed during the upscaling.

Once all of this happens, the service will then add their own way of adding details. By adding missing details to make the image look more natural, it creates a no-loss look.

2. How To Fix The Resolution of a Picture With Photoshop

The next way on how to fix the resolution of a picture is to use Photoshop. If you have some basic photoshop skills, you can try to use this technique.

The most basic combination you need on how to enhance the resolution of a picture is to use filters. Use a combination of the resample image, changing the color definition to LAB colors, and smart sharpen.

When you go to Image > Image size in Photoshop, you have the option to change the anti-aliasing type. Image anti-aliasing is a technique that smooths out jagged pixels on curves and diagonals. By choosing Bicubic Smoother, it removes as much of the jagged lines that result from enlargement.

To further improve and increase the resolution of image, you can change the color definition to LAB. This will allow you to isolate the Lightness channel from channel A and B. From here, you want to go Sharpen > Smart Sharpen and fiddle with the settings.

You can then stay in LAB color or go back to your preferred color definition.

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, you can use other image manipulation tools. Many tools will have the ability to resample image anti-aliasing and allow for higher pixels per inch (PPI).

3. How To Increase Resolution of Image With Typography

If you’re working on an image that has typography in it, this is different work altogether. What do you when there’s a bit of typography in it?

In Photoshop, you would still want to navigate to Images > Image Size and play with Resample Image. Instead of using Bicubic Smoother anti-aliasing, you would want to use Nearest Neighbor. This preset allows for hard edge preservation, which is crucial in any text image.

Next, you would want to use filters to handle the feathered edges of the typography itself. To increase resolution of image, you need to go Filters > Gaussian Blur. Use a combination of settings that allow for the blurring of edges without making it unreadable.

You can then play with the threshold layer further to make the entire image clearer.

4. Some Key Takeaways On How To Increase Photo Resolution

With a firm exception of some services, many of these steps are not perfect. When working with complex images, image prediction can only do so much. At the end of the day, you still need to do some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Use the brush tool to correct any glaring mistakes. These high res images should work at first glance. Some of them won’t stand to professional scrutiny, however.

Increase Image Resolution Now

Trying to increase image resolution is achievable with two main methods. You can pick online websites that provide different ways to upscale your image. You can also try to use different Photoshop techniques to control image elements.

If you want easy image resolution upscaling, you need a software that can do it. You need AI Image Enlarger Online.

AI Image Enlarger Online uses SRRT technology and machine learning. This helps increase resolution and quality without losing any details.

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