How to personalize your home

Cultivating a home full of warmth is an aspiration many seek to reach. By aesthetics and color matching, or finding the perfect accent piece that welcomes guests the minute their foot passes the threshold. Popular home styles come and go with the changing of the years. But having the perfect personalized home can come down to the simple choice of the color pallet. What do you think of when you imagine a warm home? Soft nudes and creams with pops of yellow or paisley? Having a plant in home or many plants helps soften the atmosphere. And add pops of beautiful greens throughout the home as well.

Get Some Good Natural Vibes

Bold dark colors mixed with gentle warm tones bring a modern twist to classic furniture pieces that are both welcoming and pleasing to the naked eye. The contrast between cool and warm will naturally complement each other and allow you to have a full array of choices when deciding what cools and warms you’d enjoy in your house. Deep blues and baby pink or emerald paired with a soft peach. The combination of the two pull in modern trends of bold colors but allow you to keep natural bohemian pieces without looking as though two style eras have simply been squashed together.

indoor plants

Having a personalized home means picking out key pieces of furniture that pull a whole room together. Bold couches, funky trunks from thrift stores and old record players help give your home a personality that reflects your tastes. Cozy blankets seem like they’re just a décor piece but when do most gatherings happen? The holidays! No matter what part of the country you live in the temperature drops in the winter season.

Having a faux fur blanket folded neatly at the end of the couch or tastefully draped over an ottoman keeps the neutral pallet balanced. Having a large plant at home, like a fern, will help eliminate airborne pollutants that can enter the home. Boston ferns raise the humidity which helps fight off the dryness of winter. Having little mint plants around the house add tiny pops of natural color and can help ease anxiety. The smell of mint can help reduce anxiety and calm the mood. Mint can also be shredded and used for cooking!

Decor With Meaningful Items

A personalized home can mean a variety of things from color pallet to decor items. Unique pieces can make a difference and tie in meaning to your home. Heirlooms from family members make a great decor piece that no one else will have. Spoons your grandmother collected from Europe can be hung on the walls of your kitchen. Old books can be splayed out on a coffee table or stacked on bookshelves in your living room. They make an interesting conversation piece while adding a deep meaningful touch to your home’s aesthetic. Old wedding china from generations before can be hung on the walls or placed on small stands on upper shelving. Place a few plants between them to keep the bohemian vibe in your personalized house while maintaining the intimacies of the decor piece.

meaningful items

Even old furniture from a few eras back can add a beautiful focal piece in your living room or dining room. The family’s old midcentury Thanksgiving table or a Victorian sewing machine placed in the corner as decor. Ask your grandparents or parents what old furniture pieces they’re willing to let you have and go from there.

Make Your Own Feature Wall

A large size photo or two can decorate walls along the stairs. Show a story above a fireplace or act as a focal point in your dining room among other various smaller decorations. Many people hang photo walls above their couch or on a blank wall away from the TV for their guests to enjoy. Tell stories of your family, show adventures you’ve had with them and enjoy lasting memories caught on camera by hanging them in your home. A large size photo is a great addition to hang above your mantle. Or have three alongside each other to cover an entire wall.

hang up photos

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A personalized home could bring you more joy when you are at home. Put the planet in home, decor with meaningful items, and make a photo wall are both good ways.


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