Practices to Create Product Photos that Convert Well

Practices to Create Product Photos that Convert Well

Online shopping has been integrated into our lives with the development of quality of life. We start browsing through the shopping software when we first see the product photos and get a general idea of the product from the pictures. Of course, it is a mutual process, and we are attracted to good products. So images have an essential role in the product.

Why Do Product Photos Matter for an E-commerce site?

The key for customers to understand the product

When people search for an item they need, the first thing they see is the image. Users will look for images that match their needs and click on them. The picture determines the customer's following action, so a good first impression is significant.

Improve product competitiveness

Customers will filter the products according to various conditions and observe the competition to improve the quality of our pictures. High-quality product images can give users a better visual experience. It can also make you stand out more from similar products. Our product images can catch the customer's eye, from attracting customers to understanding the development and increasing the success rate.

Matching user expectations

Some customers will worry that the products they receive do not match the pictures. We can use product photos to dispel their concerns. Product images must fully demonstrate the picture's details, combined with the use of the product scene. This way, it can better match and raise customer expectations of the product.

Establish your brand style

The ability to create branded product images in a style that can make your products more recognizable. To stimulate the customer's interest and let them know that the brand's products can solve their problems.Customers who buy and use the products with good results will subsequently become fans and repeat customers of your brand.

What Does a Good Product Photo Look Like?

The image quality

The product view and detailed image should be of high quality. High-quality pictures allow customers to see the details of the pictures more clearly, and the details can also reflect the quality of the product. It can provide a great impression and a comfortable visual experience.

The content of the image

A good product image must contain the following product information and high quality.

  • Usage: The specific use of the product and its practicality.
  • Specifications: To help the user better understand the size, color, material, and object of adaptation.
  • Bullet points: This is the core of the product. It shows the bullet points and explains what makes the product stand out from the competition.
  • Package content: The customer can understand what products he has received and reflect on the product's cost performance.
  • Usage scenarios and audience groups: The usage scenarios of the product, on the one hand, to show the usage, on the other hand, can also inspire users to unlock more product features. Audience groups are from the customer's point of view, guiding the customer to understand the applicable object, allowing the customer to take the right seat, and bringing the product closer to the customer.

7 Tips For Product Photo Shooting That Convert Well

How to take good product photos? Here are product photo shooting tips for your reference.

Multi-angle shooting

One or two angles of the product pictures are not enough; we need to choose to use multiple angles that will be seen to shoot. As far as possible to let customers see and we see the same. Multi-angle image not only facilitates a better understanding of the product but can also improve the expectations of the product.

Multiple colors and styles of product images

If our products have a variety of colors and styles, try to show all of them. This will allow customers who choose other colors or styles to understand the related products, be more selective, and eliminate the worry that customers need to match the pictures.

Focus on image quality and page loading speed

While ensuring the quality of the images, we need to ensure the page loads fast enough. Customers usually immediately enter the page. If it doesn't load in time, it will affect the experience and, most importantly, we will lose our customers!

Keep the picture style consistent

All pictures of the product try to maintain a unified style, close to the brand style, and the customer's visual experience will be better. If various types are interspersed, they will be visually stunning, but there are better ways to display the product.

Use the scene product images

According to the use of scenarios and customer needs to match, you can make more new attempts through various use scenarios to stimulate the customer's ideas. Show the product multi-purpose; the product cost performance is also clear at a glance.

Zoomable High-quality photos and partial close-up photos

There are many products, and customers prefer high-definition pictures when shopping. High-quality images can observe the details, product material, and quality of artistry according to the detailed images. We all want to buy cost-effective and good-quality products.

Imgupscaler is a very convenient AI image upscale tool. We can zoom in 2x or 4x and upload the photo with a few clicks. The algorithm restores pixel gaps and thus upgrades the image quality.

Choose the type of photo according to the product

For exercise class products such as protein powder, we can use lifestyle pictures to convey a healthy way to the user. For the clothes, we need to use customer images. Clothing items make customers feel at ease when they see the purchaser sharing your product. Pictures in real life have a more realistic feel than product photos.

Online shopping can not experience and touch the material of the product. For these products that value material, we can choose textural images. Close-up pictures of textures give customers an idea of the feel and quality of the product. This close-up can be achieved by allowing shoppers to zoom in on a high-resolution image or providing a separate image.

Product Photo Shooting FAQs:

Can I Shoot Product Photos at Home?

Yes. You need to pay attention to the light and choose a suitable location for shooting at home. You prepare the shooting equipment and reflectors and use paper or foam board on the table to build a white background, ready to start. Shooting techniques and post-processing can be searched online for relevant tutorials.

Can I use a smartphone to shoot product photos?

Yes. It is possible to get good results by taking product photos with a smartphone for many types of products. The phone also has powerful lens settings that optimize your shots based on the light and environment.


We often shop online, and pictures' importance for products is self-explanatory. As we understand the importance of images, we also know what a good product picture is.Pictures are also essential to increasing sales, and better product pictures can be of more excellent help. This article talks about seven tips to improve product conversion rates, which you can apply in conjunction with the actual situation and see how well it works.