Three steps to create a photo wall

A picture is worth a thousand words, and home is where the heart is, right? How often have we heard those phrases? Chances are, not only have you heard both of those statements but probably even said them yourself. Why? Because, well, they’re true! So why not tell the stories you love on the walls that surround you? And I don’t mean your Instagram or Facebook wall… I mean the big huge chunk of real estate that’s a blank canvas in your living room, stairwell, or hallway.

We all love a good modern farmhouse floating shelves display. I’m as guilty of wanting all of the mason jars in all of the places as every other millennial. But, let’s talk about other home ideas. Instead of heading to Hobby Lobby to decorate every inch of your home, dive into your own memories to create a wall that tells the unique story of you.

The concept of creating a photo wall can be daunting, but having enlarged photos covering your wall doesn’t have to be scary.

photo wall

Step 1: Tackle The Theme

Don’t worry, this isn’t high school literature. We won’t need to dissect your wall the same way we had to dig into Pride and Prejudice. But, we will focus a bit on the theme. Your goal should be to create a wall unique to you and your family but keep it from being overly jarring. An easy way to do that? Pick a theme and stick to it without boxing yourself into an overly restrictive corner.

The best way to start narrowing down what your theme should be is to choose which lucky wall is going to wear your photos. If it’s a large hallway where you know you’ll be able to put a few dozen pictures up, then you have a lot more freedom to choose a broad theme. If it’s a small wall that you want to highlight two or three special photos with a few accenting ones, try to narrow in on a more specific concept.

Some themes you may consider for your masterpiece in the making? My personal favorite is Candid Snapshots. For this, you’d want to choose photos that were taken spur the moment, like one that shows your daughter dressing up the family dog. Keep things light and fun by including a snapshot of you and all your friends squeezing in for a selfie (back when we could all get together for brunch). Do you have a zillion wedding photos that are sitting on a flash drive somewhere? Let those amazing memories freely fill your wall. In this case, Our Special Day would be the theme, and everything from the first kiss to a close-up of your bridal bouquet would be relevant.

Other ideas: Family vacations, family life, trips throughout the country or world, nature, and so on. Whatever will make you happy to surround yourself, choose that as your focus. Home ideas made simple!

Step 2: Is Bigger Better?

In the case of photos, yes, usually bigger is in fact better. What you’ll want to focus on with your photo wall are varying sizes. Again, this depends on the size of the wall you have to fill, but you’ll probably want to steer clear of anything smaller than a 5×7, and you’ll definitely want at least a few going into the 10×10 and 10×16 (or bigger!) range. If you have a great big open wall, don’t be afraid to throw a few really large focal photos up.

When resizing photos, one of the most important tools is going to be a high-quality tool for an enlarged photo. Al Image Enlarger is a great resource for this, as it’s one of the only free options that allow you to enlarge your photo up to 800% while retaining the quality of the photo. And what’s even better is it’s simplicity. This project shouldn’t be one that has you spending a fortune or pulling your hair out from stress, and this website keeps it simple.

enlarged photo

How to use Al Image Enlarger

  1. First, go to the website linked above then choose to create an account. You can either stick with the free option, or they have a handful of great but still affordable upgrade options.
  2. Once you verify your email address you’ll be directed back to the login page. Log in, then select the photo you’d like to enlarge.
  3. After selecting the photo, choose the enlargement option you’d like in the drop-down menu. You can either select 2x, 4x or 8x.
  4. Once you’ve selected, hit ퟀ�start’ and the site will work its wonderful magic!
  5. Voila! Art in Home! Done. You have an enlarged photo. Next, download your enlarged photo and upload it to wherever you’ll be printing your masterpieces from.

Step 3: Frame Away

!The final step is to choose the frames you want filling that soon to be a beautiful wall. This is where you can either splurge or save. If you know exactly what you want – say, a squared black edge with white matting because you’ve chosen a more formal display of your wedding photos, you may need to pay a sticker price at Michaels or Target. But if you have a little freedom to mix and match styles and sizes, don’t be afraid to stop by your local thrift store or browse the Facebook marketplace. There’s nothing wrong with mixing colors and styles of frames, as long as they fit an overall similar design. For example, you don’t want a frame with contemporary squared edges next to an old fashion barnwood frame. Just like you selected a theme for your photos, try to stick with a style for your frames.

And remember, this is your house and your story to tell. If you love colors, don’t print black and whites. If you love modern, don’t grab a bunch of vintage frames just because they’re on sale. Choose what you love, choose what will make you happy to see every single day, and your wall will be perfect!


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