How Much Time Requried for Photo Enlargement

Generally, our AI Image Enlarger system only takes a few seconds to enlarge images and photos. However, we may need more time to process your images if the size of the uploaded image/photo is big(Like images more than 1600*1600). You can refer to the following form to learn how much time we need exactly to process your images and photos.

RatiosTime Required
2x10s to 30s
4x30s to 40s
8x40s to 350s

Why it takes a long time sometimes?

There are some reasons that you may find you take a longer time to wait.

#1 Network issue. Some .js files are missed because of the unstable network.

#2 Too many requests at the same time. Our server may be busy because of too many requests. So you need to wait for a while.

#3 We are updating the server. We may update the server without notification. If you find you take a longer time, you can just try again later.

What should I do if there is no response?

So, what should I do to deal with these issues? Here are some solutions:

#1 Refresh your page and try again. Wait until our website is loaded fully.

#2 Try our desktop software. We have both Windows version and Mac version for your choices. The desktop software has a different server from the online version.

#3 Contact us directly. Currently, send an email to [email protected] We will launch a live chat soon.


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