Top 10 Image to Sketch Tools in 2021

If you make a sketch using pencil and charcoal, it will take hours of work. Photo sketch shows credibility because most people believe that it takes hours of work to create one. There is another way to make the photo sketch effects. You can capture a picture and apply the sketch effects using different tools on the internet. We have compiled a list of excellent tools to help you create sketch images.

#1 Image to Sketch

It is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert complex pictures into sketches. You can use a photo with maximum dimensions of 5000*5000. You can drop the image or click update to upload images to convert it into a sketch. After processing, you will get more than 10 photos with sketching effects.

Pros & Cons

It is a free tool that can convert photos to sketch instantly. You can use higher-resolution images. The website does not store your pictures so there is no privacy issue. They are also providing excellent support. You can contact the website if you are not satisfied with the result. They will help you create the best sketches. There is a drawback to this website as it is not popular these days. As it is using artificial intelligence, it is going to get popular soon.

The sketching results

Here are the results converted from a photo by using Image to Sketch.

image to sketch results

#2 Sketchmypic.com

You can use this tool to convert your pictures into sketches in two steps. In the first step, you can click the upload button to insert the image on the website. You can click the apply effect button to get the picture sketch. This tool does not use artificial intelligence.

sketch my pencil screenshot

Pros & Cons

This website also provides a free sketch tool. You will not get excellent quality sketch photos because they do not use artificial intelligence. The website usually gets slow when more people are converting the images.

sketchmypencil result

#3 Photoshop

Photoshop is a tool that can give many effects to photos. It is a complicated software that costs a lot. After downloading Photoshop, you have to pay to get the full version to convert the images to sketch images. You have to make different layers of the images to make a perfect sketch image.

Pros & Cons

It is a paid software. You cannot create sketch images using a single click. If you want to convert photos to sketch images, you need to master Photoshop skills. It will take a lot of time. Photoshop does not use artificial intelligence. It is hard to create sketches from certain types of photos.

Use Photoshop Sketching Action plugins

Here are already some tutorials that guide you on how to convert photos to sketch in steps. However, it is still time-consuming and I suggest that you can use some free actions that generate pencil sketch photos automatically by using PhotoShop. Here are three lists of pencil-sketching-action plugins that could be used in Photoshop.

25+ Pencil Sketch Photoshop Actions (With Drawing Effects)

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Incredible Sketching Effects

25 Best Photo to Pencil Drawing Effect Actions for Photoshop

Here is the sketching result that I have ever used.



It is originally a Linux-based image editor tool. You can get this tool on Windows and Mac also. It is possible to create sketch images using the edge detection tool. After Edge detection, you can use different filters to convert the photo to sketch images.

Here is the Youtube tutorial that you can refer to.

Pros & Cons

It is also free of cost software. You can get good quality sketch photos using this tool. There is a disadvantage that this software is complicated to use. You have to follow complicated steps to get the results.

#5 Befunky

You can use this website to convert your photos to sketch free of cost. It also provides downloadable software and a website to make sketch images on your computer. You have to select the add the photo button and click the sketch-making option to get the result.

Pros & Cons

It is also a free tool and you can create high-quality images using this tool. You can use the batch sketch creation for making many sketch images. It is complicated because you need basic editing skills to use this tool.

befunky sketching effects

#6 By using Python code

You can download the open-source python code to get sketch images. It is possible by using the downloaded script to define the outlines. After outlines are defined, you can use different codes to get the sketch images.

Here is the tutorial on how to use python code to build your own project.

Converting Image Into A Pencil Sketch In Python

Pros & Cons

It has many advantages because you can convert the pictures to sketch images free of cost without using the internet. It has a disadvantage as it has the most complicated process. You need to learn how to code and build your python project. If you are a software developer or student in computer science, it will be not difficult.

#7 Instant Photo Sketch

It is an easy tool to convert your photos into sketch images without photo editing skills. You can download this software from the website and install it on your computer. There is no need for the internet after the download. It is small with only 5.3Mb in the file size.

instant sketching screenshot

Pros & Cons

You can convert the images quickly using this tool. It is free of cost if you are not paying anything to download the software. There is a disadvantage that you can only get the output file in form of JPG and PNG.

instant sketching result

#8 Photo To Sketch – Drawing book

You can download this tool from the app store and use it on your Apple devices. It has many filters including sketch creator. It allows you to convert the images using a single click.

Pros & Cons

It is not an easy tool because you have to download it on your Apple device. If you want to use the premium services it is essential to pay for them. It is only available on Apple devices. Noted! You have to subscribe to their services before using the tool.

photo to sketch screenshot
#9 Sketch Photo Maker

It is an easy-to-use tool to convert your photos to sketches. You can also so use the camera filter to capture the sketch images directly from the camera. It is available on the Play Store only.

Pros & Cons

The tool allows you to capture the sketch photos directly from the camera. It is a free tool. You can download it easily from the Play Store. It has a disadvantage that you cannot use it on PC and Apple devices.

sketch photo maker

#10 Luanpic

It is a website-based tool because you can upload the image to the website. You can upload the image using the upload button from your device and the website will convert it. You can download the image of the conversion.

Pros & Cons

It is a free tool without artificial intelligence. You can convert the images using a single click. It is not possible to get high-resolution sketch images using this tool.

luapic sketching result


After comparing all the tools, we can conclude that image to sketch is the best tool because it provides sketches with excellent quality due to artificial intelligence. You can convert the images with a single click and it is free of cost.


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