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Enlarge & Enhance Photos on Phones by AI. Enlarger

Never been so easy to upscale your image and photo on your iOS/Android phones.

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AI.Enlarger, Designed for Phone

AI Image Enlarger App also integrates with AI technology and enhance algorithms. With this App, you can upload small images from your phone and increase the resolution within only a few seconds.

Enlarge Images/Photos

The powerful AI photo enlarging algorithm makes your photo bigger with more details recovered. Best for photos without smoothing more detail

Upscale Anime/Cartoon photos

Optimized upscaling algorithm that used for upscaling anime/cartoon images and producing the best results. Optimize the details for better effects.

Enhance Color and Contrast

Enhance the color and contrast based on the AI training. Adjust the color, tone and balance automatically to make your images better.

Smart Sharpness

Automatic sharpness and noise reduction process. Enhance the photos taken by your iPhone or Android Phone.

Quick Processing & History

Easy to use. Upload your image in a few taps, finish the processing in a few seconds. Check and find the results from the history.

Privacy Protection

All images will get removed in 24 hours. We will never store and backup any of your uploaded images.

Fast Performance

Lightning fast and super powerful

  • Being able to enlarge JPG/PNG by 2x/4x/8x.

  • Being able to optmize the cartoon/anime images. Best alternative to Waifu2x and enhance cartoon/anime pictures..

  • Being able to enhance the low-quality images to create better performance.

  • Just find your use case and we will do the rest.

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Extremely Flexible

Photo Scanner & Photo Editor App

Not only a photo enhancer app, you can also use AI Enlarger to scan your photos and save to the album. It will be much convenience for you to use our app to enhance the pictures.

Crop and adjust your photos to the best for uploading to the servers for AI processing. Rotate and resize images to the exact pixel or proportion you specified.

Three Steps for Using

Be ready to use AI.Enlarger to enhance and upscale your images? Only three steps required and easy to follow.

add image
Select the Function and Images

Select what function you want to use and select an image from the album. You can adjust the size and proportion before uploading.

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Upload for Processing

Tap on the "Upload" button and your image will be sent to our AI server for processing. You can wait to close the app, the results will be shown in "History"

download images
Download Result

Once finished, you will be able to download the images by clicking on the "Download" button.

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Download AI.Enlarger

AI Enlarger, the best image upscaler!

AI.Enlarger, Upscale small images without quality loss on mobile phone. Fix blurry pictures and upscale anime/cartoon pictures with better results than waifu2x.

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Great app with incredible results

“Unbelievably effective and amazing! Ever since earlier days of television where a character would use a computer to digitally enhance to zoom in on a photo or camera image, I have waited for something similar to come into existence and make that fantasy a true and usable reality. ” -- Charis Abbas

Awesome App for upscaling images!

AI Image Enlarger’s low-quality-loss upscaling potential is definitely exciting. Besides, it offers some other useful tools to boot. I’m particularly fond of the Retouch tool’s subtle yet effective tweaks to portrait photos on iPhone. -- Marcus from iGeeksBlog


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