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Enlarge & Enhance
Photos on Phones

Never been so easy to upscale your image and photo on your iOS/Android phones.

  • Support enlarging photos by 2x/4x/8x.
  • Provide taskID and check the status.
  • No need to wait during the process.
  • Unlimited Access

“Unbelievably effective and amazing! Ever since earlier days of television where a character would use a computer to digitally enhance to zoom in on a photo or camera image, I have waited for something similar to come into existence and make that fantasy a true and usable reality. ”

Charis Abbas

"Really powerful app to upscale images that I have ever used. Anyone who want to upgrade images to higher resolution should download this app without any doubts. I can guarantee that you will like the results."

Janaris Ewbanche
use ai image enlarger apps to upscale small image

Upscale small images without
quality loss.

AI Image Enlarger App also integrates with AI technology and enhance algorithms. With this App, you can upload small images from your phone and increase the resolution within only a few seconds.

Make your JPG/PNG bigger

The crisp beautiful picture gets blurred when zooming? Just use AI Image Enlarger and make them bigger and clearer.

Recover true details

Automatic sharpness and noise reduction process. Enhance the photos taken by your iPhone or Android Phone.

60k+ users are
using the program.

We have earned trust from thousands of users. People like using AI Image Enlarger to make their crisp photos bigger and clearer.

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Steps to Use the App

Enlarge images by up to 200%/400%/800% without quality loss.
No need to wait!

enlarge image on ios

1. Upload

Select an image or photo from your phone and upload to our server.

check status when enlarging image

2. Check TaskID Stuats

You will get a taskID instantly once image uploaded. You can close the App and get back to check it after a while.

download image upscaled by AI Image Enlarger app

3. Download

When the status is "Success", you can preview or save the enlarged photo. You can manage and download the latest 5 or 10 taskIDs.

upscale image size
increase image resolution

Get the app now

Download AI Image Enlarger App from AppStore or GooglePlay. Start photo enhancement immediately.