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Time to use AI Image Enlarger for Win/Mac to enlarge photos

Enlarge and Enhance Photos on Win/Mac

We create Windows and Mac application for our AI Image Enlarger so you can use it without visiting our website. Download them for free and login your account to start photo upscaling.

Enlarge Photos Automatically.

By using AI Image Enlarger for Win/Mac, you can add multiple photos for enlargement and enhancement in batch process. Faster and easier. Just drag and drop your images and start the process with only a few clicks.

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Powerful AI

Easy to upscale and enhance your small and low-definition images.

Small in Size

No more than 5Mb for the .exe file and less than 2Mb for .dmg file.

Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with the newest Windows and Mac OS X system.


Feel safe to use AI Image Enlarger. All uploaded items will be clear within 24 hours.

enhance image on Windows computer

Upscale small images up to 800%

Upload the images of your e-commerce products and make them clear. Show the details to your clients and make the conversion rate higher.

Enhance Multiple Images

with Batch Process

Ensure Best Results

by AI Algorithm
sharpen image when upscaling
Improve Image Quality

by sharpening and noise reduction

Never so easy for
improving images

During the automatic image enlargement process, our AI system will recover the details and increase the edge contrast based on the training model. We also remove the noises to make your photo pixel-perfect.

Increase Edge Contrast

by Sharpness Method

Remove JPEG Artifacts

with Noise Reduction

Editors' Review

Enlarge low-definition and small photos and images without losing quality with the help of this nifty little app that relies on AI technology to do its job.

Many other tools help you upscale and enhance your small and low-definition images. Moreover, they are free. AI Image Enlarger for Windows & Mac is one such freeware.

AI Image Enlarger is a free software program for Windows and Mac devices, and an online service, that you may use to turn low definition photos and images into high definition ones.

Upscale and enhance your small and low-definition images/photos easier than ever! With AI Image Enlarger software you can Easy to upscale and enhance your small and LD images.

increase image resolution on Win/Mac
upscale image size
increase image resolution

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Create stunning photos with AI Image Enlarger. Increase the image resolution and upscale photos by up to 800% without losing quality. 100% automatic and free.

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