3 Online Software to Retouch Face Photo: Steps and Tricks

3 Online Software to Retouch Face Photo: Steps and Tricks

A beautiful selfie photograph attaches great importance to impressing other people and increasing your confidence. Sadly, sometimes we could not take a photo with perfect effect due to dark light or unprofessional shooting. We all know that powerful Photoshop can retouch face photos, but we prefer a simpler and faster way to do that.

With the widespread use of AI technology, we have better choices now. In this article, we would like to introduce three AI tools to retouch photos online in simple steps. If you have no idea how to make yourself more charming in photos, don’t miss this post.

To let you know how these tools work and what effect they will create, we will take a female face photo as an example.


Fotor is an online photo editor covering various photo editing tools, available on desktop and mobile. A variety of stylish photo effects and editing features will surely be able to meet all your editing needs.

Basic Steps to Retouch Face on Fotor:

  1. Visit Fotor Face Retouching Segment: https://www.fotor.com/features/photo-retouching
  2. Click “Get Started” to open Beauty Dashboard
  3. Click “Open Image” to upload the photo to the dashboard.
  4. Choose which particular “Beauty” feature you wish for maximum results.
  5. Make sure all overlays and additions are satisfactory.
  6. Stop photo editing and save your work in the desired format.

Details: How Do I Apply Different Features on Fotor:

  1. Choose to apply “Blemish Fix”, make the size 71, and click “Apply”.
  2. Click “Wrinkle Removal” and set the Brush Size to 25 and the intensity to 67%.
  3. Drag intensity bar and set the intensity of “Weight Loss” to 11%.
  4. Remove the red-eye by setting the size of the Red-eye Removal brush to 8.
  5. Make sure all the above features are applied correctly. Get the final work.

Before and After Effects:

Pros and Cons:


  1. Multiple retouching features can be applied to the photo.
  2. Process the effect with fast speed.
  3. Support various formats of output.
  4. The retouching effect is obvious.


  1. The layout of the application is a little bit complicated.
  2. Need to apply many features manually if you have a higher requirement for the generated work.
  3. Many cool features are only for a premium account.
  4. Can’t download the photo if you are not a member.


Imglarger is an AI-driven photo editing software online supporting users in editing and enhancing photographs effectively and securely. It also performs well when it comes to retouching photos. Imglarger allows you to improve the photo quality most efficiently.

Basic Steps to Retouch Face Photo by Imglarger

  1. Use the face retouch tool by visiting https://imglarger.com/Retouch.
  2. Drop the image or click the button to upload the portrait photo to the platform.
  3. Click the “Start” button and wait for the automatic process.
  4. Preview the effect, and save the picture if you are satisfied with the effect.

As the procedure of retouching face photos on imglarger is easy and fast, I don’t need to add more transforming details. Just take a glance at the Before-and-After effects below.

Before and After Effects:

Pros and Cons:


  1. Fast speed of photo retouches online.
  2. Easy-to-follow transformation process.
  3. Friendly UI interface.
  4. Automatic retouching. Less manual intervention.
  5. Natural and professional effect.


  1. Reduces the pleasure of photo retouch by hand.
  2. Unable to show what tips and effects applied directly.
  3. Supports saving the retouched images as JPG files only.


Imgonline is another online photo editor designed for the high-quality processing of JPEG pictures online. Using it, you can generate colorful background, compress the image, rotate the picture angle, and retouch the face portrait.

Basic Steps to Retouch Photo by Imgonline

  1. Go to the site by clicking https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/retouch-photo.php.
  2. Click “Choose a File” to upload the face portrait.
  3. Set “Retouching Level” (from 1-8).
  4. Select “Overall Smoothing”, min, low, normal, high, max.
  5. Add sharpness, brightness, Contrast, and Saturation.
  6. Choose output format(standard & progressive) and picture quality(1 to 100).
  7. Click “Ok”, and wait for 5-40 seconds until the process is done.

Details: How Do I Retouch Photo by Imgonline:

  1. Upload the targeted picture to the platform.
  2. Set the Retouching Level to 8.
  3. Set the Overall Smoothing to Max.
  4. Add Sharpness as 12, brightness as 4, contrast as 7, and saturation as 6.
  5. Choose JPEG as the output format.
  6. Make the output quality 100.
  7. Click “Ok” to start the retouching process.

Before and After Effects:


  1. Support uploading a ton of file formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF format.
  2. Fast speed of photo retouch. It usually takes only 20 seconds to finish the work.
  3. Allow users to save the picture without a watermark.
  4. Free for use: No registration and free trial are required.


  1. The output format is limited. You can only store the image as Jpg.
  2. The Layout and UI interface is not user-friendly.
  3. A lot of options are involved before the system starts retouching your photo.

Which is the Better of These Three Photo Retouch Applications?

If you are a beginner at photo editing and have no basic knowledge of photo retouching, never hesitate to choose imglarger as your first choice. On imglarger.com, there is no need to worry about setting the value for different retouching dimensions. The system scans the face and recognizes the facial features automatically. It will apply the most proper effect to the original photo. In three simple clicks, your pictures will look more beautiful.

If you have enough time and want to retouch the face step by step, both Fotor and Imgonline are good for you. You can control the final result by adjusting many features, such as wrinkle removal level, teenth whitening level, brightness, as well as contrast. If unsatisfied with the effect of the first output, you could continue to adjust all the features to get the most desirable result.

For me, I prefer imglarger to imgonline and fotor because I think an outstanding AI photo retouch tool should balance the efficiency and the showcase. If we can use the shortest time to get the perfect result, why not?


From selfies to portrait photos, so many online photo retouch apps make you look the best in the picture. Online AI photo retouching tools are ready to help you with a lot of things about beautifying the original photos. You can print out the retouched images and hand them to the wall. Besides, it’s also a great way to win likes by using retouched photos as your avatars on social media.

An attractive portrait photo can be the best weapon to show your beauty and confidence.  Unfortunately, it is hard to get a clear and flawless image sometimes. Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, online photo retouch software can make the photo flawless in several seconds. Compared with using Photoshop or hiring a photo editor, you get your money and time saved with the help of powerful AI tools.

In this article, we have introduced three different AI photo retouch tools for you to refresh the photo. Note that every tool has its unique features and advantages. Consider what is the priority for you and select the one most suitable for you. Look forward to witnessing the beautiful photos of yourself!