Unblur Blurry Image via Waifu2X or Imglarger: Which is Better?

What Does High-Resolution Image Mean?

In pictures, its quality and resolution are described by PPI, which refers to how many pixels are there in the image. Simply put, higher resolution pictures have more PPIs in their appearance compared to low-resolution pictures. A higher resolution means that the image is more crisp and clean.

A higher resolution of the image is the result we all want when uploading pictures to our social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Though taking a clear photo with vivid details is excellent to make “Aha Moment” and create more surprises, sometimes our pictures are inevitable of the low resolution.

How to deal with blurred images is becoming a tricky problem. Luckily for you, some tools can unblur any caliginous images from your gallery to instant high quality so that you can post with confidence. In this article, we’ll be talking about Waifu2x and Imglarger to see which one is the best image editor in the field.

In order to show you how the Waifu2x fixes the blurry picture clearly, I will take an anime picture as the sample in the following demonstration.

The original anime photo data:

File type: JPEG

File Size: 7.33 KB

Dimensions: 280×180

Here is the original effect of this picture:

Traditional Image Quality Enhancer – Waifu2x

In case you are a fan of anime and have a knack for drawing them, Waifu2x is the perfect tool you need to upscale and give it a higher resolution for the net. This photo upscaler supports noise reduction and can upscale up to 2x the size of your typical picture; a good feature but not better compared to other upscaling tools.

How to Unblur The Blurry Images by Waifu2X?

Step 1: Go to the demo application website: http://waifu2x.udp.jp/.

Step 2: Prepare an image you want to convert.

Step 3: Select the style (artwork or photo).

Step 4: Pick up the noise reduction level (4 levels of noise reduction given).

Step 5: Decide the upscaling size (1.6 or 2.0).

Step 6: Click convert, and voila!

steps of using Waifu2x

Image Converting Process Analysis:

According to the above-using steps, I upload the anime picture to waifu2x and choose to convert it to “photo” style, select the “Highest” for noise reduction level, and select “2X” for the output. As all value is set well, I click the “Convert” button and wait for the processing.

After 30 seconds, Waifu2X has processed my photo and showed the work on its page. It’s time to download it on my desktop. Unfortunately, the “download” button seemingly doesn’t work well. So I have to put Mouse on the picture, right-click to reveal the “Save” menu. Click “save image as” and choose the file type. Though the uploaded picture is in jpeg format, I can’t save the final result as jpeg anymore. Waifu2x only supports storing photos in PNG formats. What a pity!

Before and After Effect Analysis:

image upscaler online

The Effect of Waifu2x:

Output Type: PNG

File Size: 207 KB

Dimensions: 560×360

Compared with the original edition, we can see that the screen of the current photo looks more smooth and clear. The contrast between the figure and background seems a little bit obvious. To be honest, waifu2x doesn’t optimize the picture much. Considering the output size and type, this effect can’t make this tool stand out.

Is there another way to upscale the small image and increase its quality it? Yes, it is. Let’s have a look at imglarger – the top 1 online image enlarger of this niche in Google SERP.

Smart AI Image Upscaler and Enhancer – Imglarger

Imglarger is an AI-driven image enlarger, focusing on increasing image resolution without losing quality. Based on deeper machine learning technology, it can guess the blurry elements in the picture and drawing losing pixels to show more details.  It is capable of enlarging your picture by 200%, 400% and 800%.

How to Use Imglarger to Unblur The Blurry Picture:

Step 1: Visit the official website: https://imglarger.com/

Step 2: Choose the AI Image Enlarger tool and click the bar to the enlarging page.

Step 3: Upload the image you want to upscale by dropping or dragging.

Step 4: Click “Start” and wait 10 seconds.

Step 5: Get the enlarged images and save them as JPG by clicking the “Download” button.

Here I still use the anime picture as an example to show how the imglarger works. I will upscale the image to 2x so as to have a comparison with the waifu2x.

Image Converting Process Analysis:

The whole process is completed in 3 clicks: upload, start, download. That means you will get the final work in 3 clicks. You don’t need to think about any other things such as noise reduction level and art style types.  The imglarger completes the task automatically.

The Coolest thing is that this website won’t require you to verify whether you are a bot before your start. And the internet connection is always stable so that the image upscaling process won’t be interrupted.

Before and After Effect Analysis:

The Effect of Imglarger:

increase photo resolution

Output Type: JPG

File Size: 35.0 KB

Dimensions: 560×360

Compared with the Effect of Waifu2X:

– Image resolution is also upscaled to 2 times of the original picture;

– It takes 10 seconds to finish the conversion, faster than that by Waifu2X;

– The output size only expands 27.62 kb. But waifu2x increases 199.62 kb.

– Show more details of the image:

– The appearance of the figure looks clearer and crisper.

– Imglarger makes the noise and blurry pixel points disappeared. But the waifu2x doesn’t deal with the edge well.

– More details of facial feature are unveiled in the generated picture. The best example is the Eyes if the figure. The eyeballs look more gleaming in the picture converted by Imglarger.

– The contrast between the figure and background becomes more smooth and harmonious. Though waifu2x also makes the contrast smooth, you can still find some jagged pixels.

upscale and enhance photo

Other Details about the two image upscalers:

Details: Imglarger Waifu2x
Price Free (all features are available for free plan ) Free
Function Enlarger, Noise Reduction, Sharpener,

Denoiser, Enhancer, Face Retouch

Image upscaling and noise reduction.
Platforms Online & Mobile (PhotoAI ) Online
Output Type JPG and PNG PNG only
UpscalingTimes x2, x4, x8 x1.6,  x2
Max Size 5MB, 4000X4000 1500×1500
Update Period Regular update, 1-2 updates per month Not sure
Output Art Select the most suitable style automatically Two choices: artwork or photo

Other Practical Tips to Prevent Blurry Pictures:

Apart from the tools you can use to upscale and enhance the small and blurry picture, here are more tips to prevent yourself from having blurry pictures again:

– Resize your image. This typically works as some images are compressed when you download them. Simple resize them until they become more transparent and have the correct sharpness.

– Switch your file type. More often than not, the file type is the culprit of inadequate image quality. JPEG and PNG have their differences when it comes to images. JPEG files are more compressed and sharable but sacrifice image quality. On the other hand, PNG files support transparency and have a higher quality image.

– Cropping. There’s a big difference between cropping and resizing. Cropping means that you’re cutting off the picture to a smaller size while resizing retains the picture while stretching it. And the Cropping depends on what type of image you would like as a result.


There are many problems faced by present photographers and editors, such as increasing image resolution and using complicated tools. Whether for sharing or editing, it has always been great to use high-quality images. In this article, we have introduced the two different online image enlargers that help you to increase the quality of the photo without editing skills learned.

Now you have the knowledge and the tools to edit and resize your images correctly, thus follow the tips as well as the advice on preventing blurry pictures. You are sure to optimize the blurry photo to a stunning effect.


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