Say Hello to The World - AI Image Enlarger

Say Hello to The World - AI Image Enlarger

This is the first post from AI Image Enlarger. If you are here and read this post, congratulations, you have just found the best solution to enlarge your images based on our AI and machine learning technology. In the past half a year, we have made a great effort to develop our own AI algorithm and trainable system, feed one hundred and thousand HD images and pictures to teach our Artificial Intelligence, just for the purpose of creating a great tool to enlarge images while retaining all the details.

Why We Create AI Image Enlarger

Traditional methods are unable to enlarge images while keeping all the details restored. As you see from the image below, when you enlarge a small image (350×295, 17.2kb) 400% up, the enlarged images will become blurry and fuzzy. The more you enlarge, the worse quality result you will get.

Is there no way to process the image enlargement with some professional software to get high-quality results? Sure, you can try Photoshop and get so many tutorials by searching "How to enlarge images with Photoshop" on Google. Pick one and spend one or two more hours learning how to use it.

That's an option if you are a Photoshop learner. But I want to find a more efficient method to do that and free my hands. That's why I use AI and let the computer machine do all my tasks. So we create AI Image Enlarger.

The Enlarged Results from AI Image Enlarger

Based on our SRCNN structure and after so many training and tests, our AI Image Enlarger could have a pretty good result in image enlargement. The results below show that we used our AI to enlarge the original little puppy image.

See, much better, isn't it?  With this AI Image Enlarger, you can not only upscale the size of the image but also improve the colors and quality.

You can see the before-after image below to learn more about the details difference:

AI Image Enlarger could be your wonderful tool to make HD photos and pictures for printing!

The End

AI technology is powerful, and it will make the world better if it is used in the right place. We hope it can be used to enhance your old and small photos and images. We will share some HD images enhanced and enlarged by our AI Image Enlarger on our blog. We will also write more how-to and tutorial posts on our blog. You can also share your ideas and leave your comments here. I am so glad I have the opportunity to communicate with all of you.