How to make a picture higher resolution online? Use AI Image Enlarger

Why Do We Need to Convert Low Definition Images to High Definition?

Oftentimes, we really need to convert low definition images to high definition pictures for several purposes. For example, whether you’re trying to upload a picture on a website, you’re making a picture-based presentation, or you’re going to print an image, the quality, clarity, sharpness, and resolution of the image need to be absolutely flawless. Definitely, you can’t use a low definition image because of its fuzzy and blurry effects. That’s why you need to use a convenient tool that can be used to make a picture higher resolution. Simply use these applications and convert a picture from low resolution to high resolution within a few seconds.

Reveal the Traditional Methods to Make a Picture Higher Resolution

In the previous section, you have understood the benefits and purpose of making a picture high resolution. So, let’s now talk about some of the traditional methods which can be used to easily change an image from low resolution to high resolution. For example, the Adobe Photoshop software and PhotoEnlarger online tool are commonly used for this purpose. But, these two conventional methods have some major drawbacks which you must know before using these methods.

First of all, Adobe Photoshop is an extremely complex software that is mainly suited for experts. This tool requires you to follow and execute multiple steps for obtaining the desired results. That’s why it can be a time-consuming and troublesome experience for the novices or beginners if they use Photoshop to increase image definitions.

Apart from that, there are some online tools (e.g. PhotoEnlarger) that also claim to offer you the functionality of increasing image definition online. However, these tools do not come with AI technology and they use the traditional image upscaling method. As a result, the output image quality becomes bad and inefficient. If an image quality becomes poor and blurry after increasing its resolution, then it is of no use! Due to these problems, the traditional image definition increasing methods actually overpower the underlying benefits.

Use AI Image Enlarger to Increase Image Definitions Based on Its Deep Machine Learning Technology & SRCNN Structure

You have already learned the disadvantages and drawbacks of using traditional image upscaling methods. So, you must be now looking for a perfect alternative to these methods. Isn’t it? If yes, then you’re highly recommended to use AI Image Enlarger. There are plenty of excellent advantages of using these particular tools which are discussed below.

Benefits of Using AI Image Enlarger

i) AI Image Enlarger is indeed an advanced and potent application which is powered by some cutting-edge algorithms, including AI technology, deep machine learning technology, and SRCNN structure. The result includes an excellent performance with perfect image transformation (without compromising quality).

ii) It’s a free to use and easy to use tool.

iii) It works online and you do not need to download this application prior using.

What Is the SRCNN Structure Used for?

As we have already mentioned that AI Image Enlarger is integrated with SRCNN structure. It’s widely known as Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network structure that’s primarily a trainable network. As a user, when you upload an image to this application for making it better and higher resolution, SRCNN trainable network acquires, reads, and processes the input data in such a way so that you can be offered the best performance. Note, AI Image Enlarger and its integral SRCNN structure use deep machine learning algorithms to process the input data.

With more number of uploaded images, the tool can acquire more data to train its network and ensure flawless and optimized performance every time.

Alternative Method to Enhance Images

There’s an alternative method to enhance images or to make picture HD online. For this purpose, you can use this particular online application i.e. letsenhance.io. This tool also claims to be based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


i) It’s based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

ii) It can upscale your images for as much as 16x.

iii) It can enhance images, improve tones, and enhance colors while processing them.


i) The application is not completely free to use. There are some restrictions if you’re planning to use it without paying the subscription fee. For instance, there is a limit on the number of uploaded images and maximum uploaded file size. For smooth and convenient performance, users are needed to buy the subscription plans of Let’s Enhance (http://letsenhance.io).

The Final Verdict:

If you want to make picture HD online, then you must use AI Image Enlarger without thinking twice. Not only it’s completely free to use, but also it is integrated with deep machine learning and AI technology for ensuring the best results. Feel free to use this tool today and you’re ready to take a picture higher resolution (without any hassle and struggle).


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