The New Way of Art: Midjourney AI Generator

The New Way of Art: Midjourney AI Generator

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI art generator that explores your creativity by creating images based on the text’s description. Users describe their creative ideas using text, and Midjourney will follow the textual prompts to display pictures of your ideas.

What kind of Art Style can Midjourney AI Generate?

When we want to know the style of the work generated by Midjourney, we can search for Midjourney in our browser and select the search results as images. Based on these image styles, it will be possible to understand the style of images created by Midjourney. By browsing and looking at these images, we will see that some are abstract and some are realistic.

It is easy to understand because the creation relies mainly on text. The meaning of the text is not only limited to the surface of the words but also its significance. That explains why Midjourney has many abstract and realistic style images. So when you’re ready to create something abstract or surreal, Midjourney is an excellent choice. I believe that Midjourney will also provide you with some creative inspiration in the process.

How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney uses AI technology to allow the machine to find and recognize the content of text descriptions, find resources related to the descriptions and learn from them to combine the descriptions mentioned by the user. The combination process is obtained by the machine through an algorithm that learns a large number of images. So this combination is artistic and coordinated, and its result is unique.

How to Get Midjourney

By understanding the AI Art Generator above, let’s get together to find out how to get midjourney.

  • Step 1: You need to have a Discord account
  • Step 2: Visit the Midjourney website
  • Step 3: Accept Discord’s invitation and enter Midjourney
  • Step 4: In Midjourney, find the newbies’ room to start exploring the journey

How to Use Midjourney Beta

  • Step 1: Make sure you have a Discord account and log in. Go to the official midjourney website
  • Step 2: Click on “Join the Beta”
  • Step 3: After accepting the invitation from Discord, enter Midjourney
  • Step 4: In Midjourney, find the newbies’ room and type /prompt to start your AI creation journey

However, all images on Midjurney are public and can be reused by others. The level of access to the photos will vary depending on whether the user is paid or free.

Free accounts

  • Midjurney grants free accounts a license to the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License. (the “Asset License”)
  • Commercial use of images is prohibited.
  • The resulting images are for personal use.
  • Free users are required to provide Midjourney with a byline.

Paid accounts

  • Paid accounts are the owners of the rights to the images.
  • Users can use images for commercial purposes.
  • Corporate users are required to purchase Midjurney if your company’s annual revenue exceeds $1 million.

Midjourney Price Plans

All accounts have general business terms, access to the members’ gallery, and optional credit top-ups. The difference between them is the time of use, the speed of generation, and the number of concurrent fast jobs.

Basic Plan $8/ month

  • The maximum number of generations is 200 per month
  • You can do 3 concurrent fast jobs

Standard Plan $24/ month

  • Fast generations for 15h
  • Relaxed generations are Unlimited
  • 3 concurrent fast jobs

Pro Plan $48/ month

  • The maximum fast generations for 30h
  • Infinite Relaxed generations
  • Covert image generation available
  • Maximum number of concurrent fast jobs 12

Can I Share Images Created by Midjourney?

Yes! If you are sharing, you must ensure the image is not commercially available. Download and share: Click and view the generated image and save it locally with the right mouse button. You can go to the folder to see it. Then you can share it!

Can I Use Midjourney for Commercial Use?

Different types of accounts have different permissions for photos. It is according to the type of account you have. Free accounts do not allow commercial use of Midjurney-generated images. You can use the photos for commercial purposes if you have a paid account. Marketing materials, posters, book covers, album covers, blogs, magazines, printed clothing, and merchandise are all commercial uses.

Best Alternatives to Midjourney AI


NightCafe is an artful AI image generator. It combines AI with neural style transfer technology and uses machine learning to create written descriptions into images. The created images are optimized until they meet specific criteria and match the written descriptions. Users can use it to use their imagination and inspiration and create artwork in various styles.


DALL-E 2 is OpenAI’s artificial intelligence system that lets users create art through text input. It incorporates generative language models to create corresponding raw images by receiving sentences. The art created from the description of the language is realistic images and art. A slight adjustment in semantics or in the sequence of words to obtain a completely different picture, and DALL-E 2 recognizes accuracy and sensitivity.


DeepAI is one of the most popular AI generators. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning by having machines model how humans acquire learned knowledge, using this approach to combine base images based on textual cues. This deep learning includes predictive modelling and statistics. This allows DeepAI to create unique paintings.


By this Midjourney AI review, an outstanding AI art generator requires consideration of many things. From the accuracy of the creative result to the processing speed, image quality, copyright, and cost. These are things that need to be thoughtfully considered.

From the above aspects, Midjourney currently stands out. When you are using it, you will find that people are generating work almost every second, and the users are the best convincing.AI painting is a scorching topic, and we are one step closer to technology.

We found that the purpose of these AI art generators is not to replace artists and painters, designers, etc., but to let more people understand the technology and inspire our creative ideas. Thus it plays its best role. Experience the magic firsthand in these AI art generators. Let’s try it out now!