AI Image Enlarger for Win(1.1.0) has been released!

Hi, Dear Users of AI Image Enlarger. Now we have just released the Windows version for our online image enlarger. You can download it and upscale your images on your Windows PC without opening the browser and visiting our website. You can enjoy the benefits of our Windows software including:

#1 Easy to Use.

Our windows version is carefully designed and no learning curves. Just drag and drop your small and low-definition images, set the styles and rations. Then submit and download! How simple it is and just like using our service on our online website.

ai image enlarger for win

#2 Small in Size.

The installer of AI Image Enlarger for Win is only 3.27Mb. So, you can download and start installing it within 30 seconds.

#3 Free.

No limitation for use(Unless the size of uploaded small image).

#4 Fast.

After using it, you will learn how fast it is when enlarging images without losing quality. It will be your best alternative option for enhancing your images.

View the automated Gif to learn how to use AI Image Enlarger for Win.

Learn how to use ai image enlarger for win

What are you waiting for? Download and have it a try now. Here is the download link. It is virus-free and here is the report from VirusTotal. Know more about it on Download.hr.


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