How to enhance the image

How to enhance the image

Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. When it comes to building a brand, images are a great way to communicate clearly with your audience. Science shows that the human brain responds and processes images faster than any other data type. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective way to communicate with your audience, then images are the best way to achieve this goal.

In this article, I will introduce you to 6 image editing tools to enhance an image in different aspects.

1. AI Image Enlarger - improve the image quality

Low-resolution images will directly affect the viewer's experience. No one wants blurry and blurry images. Especially when you want to enlarge a small image to get more information, the image will become blurred, and most people may close the picture without hesitation. In this situation, this informational image is meaningless. However, AI Image Enlarger is the lifesaver here.

AI Image Enlarger is an AI-powered tool to increase the image size without losing quality. It adopts a deep learning technique to upscale the image to a high-resolution version. With its powerful features, AI Image Enlarger allows users to view more details without any blur and blur. AI Image Enlarger makes images clearer and more detailed, providing viewers with an extraordinary viewing experience.

2. Picture Colorizer - add color to old photos, adjust parameters, add filters

Every family has an album full of old family photos. Due to the past technique reasons, most of the old photos are in black and white. However, black-and-white photos look unreal to us, so we need to colorize them to make them more realistic.

Picture Colorizer is a professional tool to recover the color of old images. It is an AI-based image coloring tool. By using advanced algorithms, it can analyze each pixel and restore the original color to the greatest extent. Image Colorizer maintains a large database of previously processed images, rather than random guessing, to help pattern recognition and high-quality results. However, the entire complex process takes less than one minute to complete. The self-explanatory interface means that anyone can easily use it, regardless of its technical literacy.

After colorizing, Picture Colorizer is also able to adjust image parameters and add filters to the colorized image. Adjusting image parameters is important when editing an image. Every single parameter could affect the entire image. Filters are an excellent way to transform a lens that lacks gloss into a vibrant and eye-catching image.

3. Image Denoiser - reduce the noises from images

Removing noises from an image is important in the image editing process. Noises make the image look bad, directly influencing the viewer’s experience. Image Denoiser is a perfect tool here to reduce the noise from images.

Image Denoiser is a free online tool to remove noise. The program adopts an AI technique to recognize images and eliminate all noise by smoothing pixels. Different from other denoising tools, Image Denoiser is fully automatic. The only thing you need to do is to upload the original image and download the outcome.

4. Webp Converter Online - speed up the image

For the images that post on websites, using Webp format images could have many benefits:

  • Speed up image loading time
  • the size of the image file is greatly reduced, but the image quality is preserved

But, the common formats of the images are JPG, PNG, JPEG. Webp Converter is here to convert the image to Webp format.

Webp Converter Online is a free online tool to do image format conversion. You can convert jpg, png images to Webp and Webp images to jpg, png. The program supports batch processing, which can save time in real time. I would also mention that the program can be used 100% safely, and the files will not be uploaded to the server.

5. Photo Frames - enhance image shape and style

Just like the actual frame, you can hang it on your wall. The framing image in the design is usually used to attract people's attention or enhance the picture's artistic sense. The frame can be simple or decorative, can be a one-line or illustrated design, or colored or colorless, depending on the style and mood of the image.

Photo Frames is a suitable tool to do this work. It is an online program with thousands of frames in different styles. You can also add stickers and text to the image.

6. Inpaint Online - remove the unwanted objectives

In the real world, we often face a situation where we have to include one or more ugly objects in an otherwise attractive photo, such as lamp posts, road signs, or trash cans. These unwanted objectives may distract the viewer’s attention. Deleting these objects was once the task of professionals. But now, I will introduce you a free tool to finish this mission.

Inpaint is committed to photo editing through simplified semi-automatic tools and mechanisms. The program includes a tool similar to the "Repair Brush" tool with the "Content Recognition" mode enabled in Adobe Photoshop. Just like the repair brush, this tool will try to replace unwanted textures with good textures in other areas to achieve seamless image restoration.


Enhancing the image is important for website developers to improve the attractiveness of the image. Thus increase the traffic to the website. Through this article, you have already known 6 useful tools to enhance the image. There are many other tools for different editing purposes. Choosing the right tool according to your needs is the best choice.