How to Resize Image for YouTube Cover

Why Resize Image for YouTube Cover

Apart from making masterpiece covers, there is nothing more spectacular than making YouTube channels stand out. A YouTube channel cover photo is a banner or artwork that you create and put across the top of your channel. You have to make sure your cover is unique, appealing, and top-quality. An eye-catching YouTube cover or banner should stand out in terms of size and quality, not only to fit in YouTube’s dimension but also with high resolution.

The unique design should load an image that exactly matches your YouTube cover size requirements or a suitable size. If you are thinking of adding a banner to your channel, worry not. The recommended size for your cover is 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels tall. The minimum size to opt for is 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall. In essence, always abide by set image resolution settings or options.

Youtube demension

It’s clever to resize the image to the right dimensions before you upload your YouTube cover. And here are key reasons why resize the image for YouTube cover:

  • You will be able to obtain images that can be displayed in different ways on all devices you use or plan to use.
  • Resizing your cover art is a great way to bring life to your YouTube channel. A well-resized image will draw attention and impress whoever visits the channel.
  • Resizing your covers to recommended sizes will ensure your banners look more professional. Your subscriber and new followers will know that they are at the right place and stay glued to the content you provide. You will get the best results and this translates to a huge following, views, and increased conversions.
  • You will avoid blurred and strained images, and recurrent errors messages that may push away visitors from your channel. Your channel will have a clean and eye-catching look.
  • You will not want the visitors to view the uncompleted cover image which may lose important messages you want to convey to build a good first impression.

How to Resize Image for YouTube

At all times, resize your image correctly for optimal results, and to the recommended YouTube sizes. In your endeavors, use the best image resizing tools at your disposal. Here are the recommend top-notch options to go for.

1.Resize Image

It should not be daunting to resize your image, especially if you want to upload a big image to the YouTube channel. Promo Image Resizer is your go-to tool. It’s a free web-based service you can use to upload and resize your images for the respective social media platform you are using.

This image resizer tool uses advanced editing features that are cropped and pre-adjusted to resize your images without causing any damage to its quality. With this distinctive tool, you can effectively edit YouTube cover image, and upload it to your channel regardless of its size.

promo Image resizer work

Substantially, you can use YouTube cover photo size converter each day as it acts as an always-up-to-date size solution. You don’t have to keep adjusting resizing settings. It’s easy and faster to use Promo Image Resizer. And here is how to go about it:

  • Click and select the social media platform you use and the sizes you want to upload your image in.
  • Download the image in a single click and into a .zip file.
  • Your file will be saved according to the social media platform you choose, in this case, it will be saved to your YouTube channel.

Keep in mind when using a small image as your channel cover, you need to enlarge it first, then resize.

2.Enlarge Image

There is no better tool to use to enlarge your cover images than AI Image Enlarger. It’s an incredible tool that helps enlarge an image into your social media platform without losing its quality. AI Image Enlarger is a one-of-a-kind tool designed based on AI and machine learning technology. AI Image Enlarger is an online tool, the only thing you need to download is the enlarged high-resolution output image.

AI Image Enlarger compare

Using AI Image Enlarger, you can increase the size of a low-resolution image stress-free and faster. AI Image Enlarger does not require any professional knowledge and technical requirements, even the computer novice can handle this program in mere seconds. Here are the key steps to follow to enlarge your images:

  • Upload a small image to the server and select the suitable model for a faster procedure.
  • Analyze your image and go on with the enlargement process based on provided AI and machine learning technology.
  • Download your enlarged and enhanced image.

Don’t fret about the cost of AI Image Enlarger. It is an online and 100% free program to use whenever in need to upscale your images with quality. There is no need for registration for using this program. AI Image Enlarger also comes with the mobile APP, you can easily download in GooglePlay and Appstore. The app allows you to do the enlarging work without the device and place limitations.

To Sum Up

The quality of images you upload on your YouTube cover is crucial. Those images should not only be properly resized but also enlarged to satisfaction. Keep in mind your cover image should create a strong first impression on your channel visitors.

The image you set should make your brand stand out, describe your content at a glance, and attract and maintain the interest of visitors. These goals are achieved by using the most ideal resizing and zooming tools on the market.

Promo Image Resizer and AI Image Enlarger are incredible tools to choose and stay head and shoulders above other YouTubers. Try out these tools today and optimize your YouTube channel.


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