Enlarge Photo to the Rescue: Why You Should Use This Online Tool

Enlarge Photo to the Rescue: Why You Should Use This Online Tool

Do you manage your business’ website? Are you struggling to upload quality photos? Or maybe you’re a budding photographer who cannot seem to enlarge a photo without the blurriness?

There is no doubt the quality of your photos impacts your business. High-quality photos help build your brand’s credibility. They also help you send your message across more effectively.

How do you deal with challenges like enlarging images without losing quality? There several ways to pull it off. However, there is one that will help you enlarge photo more effectively without much hassle.

Continue reading below as we take a look at the AI Image Enlarger and how it can help your business.

The AI Image Enlarger

If you are managing a website, you know that the quality of your photos is non-negotiable. Your photos can spell the success or downfall of your website. Sometimes, you need to work on a small photo.

You will then have to make it bigger.

The downside with this is that there is a tendency for the image to become blurry. Thankfully, there is the AI Image Enlarger. Check out how the software can help you efficiently enlarge photos.

1. User-Friendly

First, AI Image Enlarger is easy to use. It will only take you three steps to enlarge your photos.

First, you upload your low-resolution images. Second, you select the style that you want and then submit it. Third, you will preview the image, and it’s good to download.

Let's compare the AI Image Enlarger with traditional image upscale methods to appreciate it better. There is the good old Adobe Photoshop. Yes, it can certainly enlarge your pictures without affecting quality.

But the downside of Photoshop is that it is too complex for most people. Newbies in photography may have a hard time dealing with its complexities.  It is also time-consuming and entails numerous steps before achieving your targets.

Another popular option is PhotoEnlarger. Unlike Photoshop, this is much easier to use. The problem arises, however, when you adjust the resolution’s scale percentage.

The shifting from low resolution to high resolution distorts the quality of the image during conversion. This is something that doesn’t happen with the AI Image Enlarger.

The same problem hounds the Waifu2x application. Moreover, it doesn’t come with a solid program interface.

Another popular option is the Topaz. When it comes to enlarging photos, the Topaz works remarkably well. It can even upscale an image by as much as 600%.

Its major con lies in the pricing. The product comes as a trial version. After the trial period lapses, you must pay a huge amount to enjoy its functions fully.

2. It’s Free and Fast

The second biggest advantage of the AI Image Enlarger is you can enjoy it for free. The use of the software practically is practically limitless.

You don’t need to go through any registration process. Furthermore, it is safe to use. The software automatically clears the images that you upload every two hours.

When it comes to speed, it is one of the fastest image enlargers out there. The software features the latest power-packed processor and GPU in its server. This allows the AI Image Enlarger to process the images at a very fast rate.

Let’s compare the software’s processing rate with its competitors. The AI Image Enlarger’s processing rate clocks at 1.5 seconds. Its closest competitor, the Topaz, also clocks in at 1.5 seconds.

Not too far behind is PhotoEnlarger at 2 seconds. Though Topaz matches the AI Image Enlarger in speed, it falls behind in terms of its user-friendliness. This impacts the total amount of time you spend enlarging and enhancing your photos.

Other traditional options like Resizemypicture (10 seconds), Waifu2x (30 seconds), and LetsEnhance (40 seconds) all lag way behind.

The AI Image Enlarger also comes with a 3.27MB installer for Windows. This means you can easily download and install the software within 30 seconds.

We can also highlight another factor, which is the file size. The AI Image Enlarger allows up to 2.86MB of enlarged photo file size. This is bigger than Topaz’s 2.40MB and the Online Photo Enlarger’s 1.94 MB.

3. Superior Results

Last but not least, we look into the results. The AI Image Enlarger uses Deep Machine Learning Technology. It also uses the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN) structure.

Deep Machine Learning involves collecting thousands of images. The technology then feeds the images to the software’s deep learning application. Once the images are in, the technology will teach and train the application.

This, in turn, enables the AI Image Enlarger to analyze future images. It also allows the addition of details while enlarging the low-res images.

Meanwhile, the SRCNN structure serves as the software’s trainable network. It is the one in charge of reading and processing the input data.

To complement the two, there is also the AI Image Enlarger’s optimized hardware. This comes in the form of a new generation GPU.

Deep learning involves algorithms and intense computations. Thus, it requires powerful hardware like the new-gen GPU. This helps ensures the optimization and acceleration of the process.

These three components working together allow you to preserve the quality of your images during enlargement. The result is clear and crisp images without any trace of blurriness or fuzziness.

Enlarge Photo Projects Efficiently!

With the digital photography market likely to grow to over $110 billion by 2021, you can expect stiffer competition. But with the help of top-notch technology like the AI Image Enlarger, you can rest knowing that you’re a step ahead of the competition.

We invite you to learn more about our software and how it can help you enlarge photos like never before. As mentioned earlier, part of improving our system is training our SRCNN structure.

We encourage you to join us in training data for our network. You can also check out our other blog posts. We discuss different topics that will help you appreciate how the software works.