Professional Review from Rawinfopages

Professional Review from Rawinfopages

Great news! We got a professional review from Roland Waddilove, the professional editor of Rawinfopages.

Roland Waddilove is the owner and creator of Rawinfopages. He is a professional technology writer living in the UK, writes about a wide variety of tech subjects for the web and for print magazines. He started in the 1980s as an editorial assistant on computer magazines and went on to edit Electron User, Atari ST User, PC Today, PC Home and worked on several others. Today he is a freelance writer.

Here is part of the review posted on the website.

AI Image Enlarger works, it produces the best quality enlarged images I have seen. The results are impressive and it manages to recreate details in the image that simply weren’t there in the original. It has to be guessing at the pixels it inserts when it enlarges images, but those guesses are usually spot on and the results are fantastic...

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