How to Enlarge a Photo Without Blurry in Photoshop

If you are looking for an ultimate method to enlarge a photo without blurry in photoshop, here it is. Today, I will like to share a trick and it is super easy to use. Only a few steps required.

Start Enlarging Photos in Photoshop

Step 1. Prepare a small photo and open it in your Photoshop CC. The following image is my sample. The size is 200*199. Only 14.1KB.

original small photo

Step 2. Upscale the image for 800% and you will find it become blurry.

upscale small image in photoshop

Step 3. Go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to 6 Pixels.

blur the sample image

Step 4. Click “Ctrl” and “M” combination keys to call Curves. Then, set like the following screenshot. You will find an amazing thing happens.

set the curves

However, after testing, I found this trick is only useful for black-and-white photos. If you want to use this method for colorful photos, the results are quite bad.

Alternative method

However, if you want to enlarge a photo in a much more professional method, I suggest you try AI Image Enlarger. Here are two samples that are enlarged by AI Image Enlarger for 400%.

Original Photo 1:

original small image

Enlarged Photo 1 (400% upscale):

enlarged photo by AI Image Enlarger

Original Photo 2:

oringinal small photo

Enlarged Photo 2 (400% upscale):

enlarged photo by AI Image Enlarger


From this post, you will learn a trick to enlarge black-and-white photos. And no need to worry about getting the images pixelated. However, I still strongly suggest you try AI Image Enlarger, the best photo enlarger with AI technology. Easy, Fast and no learning curves.



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