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Every photo consists of two vital elements – the foreground (an object which is the main focus of the image) and the background (every other detail). Ask any designer or photographer and they’ll tell you at least one occasion where they wanted to get rid of the background. This can be for a number of different reasons, such as the unexpected appearance of an unwanted subject/object, or maybe the poor lightning behind it.

What they’ll also surely going to tell you is how much of a pain the background removal process is. Doing it manually through a photo editor takes a lot of precision and patience, and messing up a single edge could render the end result distorted and ugly. Thankfully, you can avoid manual removal through the use of specialized online tools.

Paid Methods

1. Remove.bg

An automatic background removal tool, remove.bg is characterized by a very simplistic interface that only contains a section for uploading/inputting the URL to an image. The tool works in just a couple of seconds – after it’s finished, the user can choose whether they want the background to remain blank or add a custom one from a number of different templates. Besides a web-based version, remove.bg offers a downloadable Windows/Mac/Linux program as well as an integration for Adobe’s Photoshop.

– Pricing

The free version comes with a lot of limitations – only a single credit for image conversion and 50 free previews per month. Two payment options come in the form of a monthly/yearly subscription plan or a pay-as-you-go variant. For the subscription plan, prices vary from $0.23/image to $0.07/image depending on the number of credits per month. The pay-as-you-go is almost double that amount at $1.99-$0.21/image.

the pricing of remove.bg

2. Photoscissors.com

Unlike the previous tool, Photoscissors has to be downloaded locally before being used. After uploading the image, the user has to mark the section which they want to keep/remove with the corresponding brushes. This is the so-called semi-automatic mode that works best with a bit more complicated images. If there’s a clearly distinguished line between the background and the foreground, the tool can work completely automatically. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, and iOS.

– Pricing

Photoscissors has a try-before-you-buy trial version, which only shows you what the end result would look like without allowing you to save it or use it. If you like what you see, you’ll have to input the paid serial key in order to keep it. The premium version is a single-time purchase and costs $19.99, with support for both credit cards and Paypal as the payment methods.

Free Alternative

If you don’t want to break the bank just to remove background, you don’t have to. Bgeraser.com is an online tool that provides only the highest quality results completely free of charge. It’s very unique due to the AI implementation which is able to differentiate between different objects, as well as animals and humans. The completely automatized process notices the changes in color gradient in order to crop out the background with utmost precision to the last pixel. All of this is achieved without a single input from the user. Every uploaded image is 100% shielded from any attacks, since it’s removed from the tool’s servers after 12 hours.

Users can participate in the improvement of the algorithm by training the network. This is done by collecting samples of high-dimension images (1000×1000) and sending them to the company’s email. As far as the price of the tool is concerned, it’s completely free. All you need to do is have a registered account and you’re ready to start removing the backgrounds!

How To Use It

#1. Log in to your account. Click on the large circle in the middle and upload an image.

Step1: Upload photo to bg eraser

#2: Choose the wanted algorithm (only Hugo available in the Alpha version), and click on Start.

Step3: click download to save photo

#3: Once it’s finished, click on the “Download” button

Step2: click start to remove background

#4: Save the image to your wanted destination.

Step4: save photo with bg removed

Keep in mind that only .PNG format supports transparent/blank backgrounds, which is what you’ll need to save your end result as. Saving it as a .JPG could result in some errors.


Removal.AI makes removing photo backgrounds fast, easy and free. It utilizes AI technology which basically means that the tool does everything – 100% automatically. Users can download upto 1500×1000 resolution (0.25 megapixels) for its free version. It can be used to make creative projects without any problem on the photo quality. 

Aside from background remover, it also allows users to further edit their photo using its built-in photo editing tool. You can add shadow, set image size, add text and change background for free. 

Removal.AI has a very flexible pricing system. Although it is free to use the background remover and download the photos at a good quality, users have the option to pay for monthly subscriptions. The affordable monthly plans start at $5.99 for 40 images or $0.15 per image. Those who need to edit as much as 50,000 images per month can save a lot with the $1,650 plan where each photo would cost only $0.03 to edit. The subscription also comes with the new photo editor that is simple to use and is quite powerful at creating beautiful results.

If you are aiming to take your eCommerce business to new heights, you definitely have to partner with a reliable tool to help improve your product photos. Impressive images are guaranteed when you use Removal.AI for removing unwanted backgrounds and adding enhancement to photos. Removal.AI has got the professional expertise that would make your journey to success with attractive product photos faster and easier.



Even though you might be tempted to use the first tool that comes up no matter the price, it’s always a good idea to search further. Bgeraser.com provides the best results out of the bunch with its use of advanced AI, even though it’s completely free. By being smart, you can save both your time and your money.


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