AI cartoonizer

AI Cartoonizer
Cartoonize yourself in seconds.

  • The advanced AI cartoon model based on deep learning
  • Convert face photo to cartoon and create cartoon avatars
  • Super fast and only take a few seconds

AI Cartoonizer

Free AI tool that converts your portrait and face photo to cartoon style online. Drag and drop the face photo and start conversion immediately

NoteThere should be only one face in the photo when uploading.

JPG or PNG. Max Size 5MB or 1200*1200

The Benefits of AI Cartoonizer

AI cartoonizer is the go-to AI cartoon avatar maker fully powered by the advanced AI model of cartoon style. You can use this tool to convert your face to cartoon or anime style. Create a fun cartoon picture, stand out from social media.

It is free, safe to use the AI cartoonizer when converting your photo or portrait to a cartoon. All uploaded items or resulting photos will be cleared up every 24 hours. Have fun and turn the photo into cartoon like an artist, immediately.

Automatic & Fast

AI Cartoonizer could turn your face photo into cartoon automatically.

Batch Processing

Support batch process so you can convert multiple photo to cartoon at one time.

Easy to Use

Just drop your images for uploading and then get your results.


Privacy is highly protected. All Images removed in 24 hours.

The result comparison

AI cartoonizer is the best image-to-cartoon online tool designed to create cartoon-style avatars especially. You can produce cartoon avatars and use them on your social media profile. Hover your mouse and check the before-after results.

result cartoonized by cartoonizer original male face photo
result cartoonized by cartoonizer original female face photo

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