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More productivity with less effort

No need to open a browser and upload your image from the web. Download the Mac tool and enjoy unlimited access to all of our AI programs and services.

Obtain the highest resolution with fully automated processing on your Mac computer. PhotoAI for Mac is carefully designed for Mac users and you will find it has never been so easy for your photo improvement.

Works Better, on Your Mac

Want to optimize images on your Mac computer? Time to use PhotoAI Mac in your workflow, for unlimited access! View the following case studies and before-after images.

image enlarger
PhotoAI could upscale photo without losing quality
  • The original small picture with size of 158*124.

  • The result by PhotoAI with size of 632*496.

  • The result by Photoshop with size of 632*496.

face retouch
PhotoAI could Deblur and fix pixelated portrait photos in seconds
  • The blurry and low-quality original face photo.

  • The result photo processed by PhotoAI face retouch feature.

image sharpener
PhotoAI could Deblur the image by sharpness algorithm
  • The original blurry picture with low image quality.

  • The sharpened photo by using PhotoAI sharpener.

ai hdr
PhotoAI could make HDR photo from one single photo
  • The original photo without HDR effects

  • The HDR photo processed by PhotoAI HDR Maker

image enhancer
PhotoAI could adjust and enhance your photo color
  • The picture with original color.

  • The photo with color enhanced by PhotoAI.

background remover
PhotoAI could remove the background from photo
  • The original photo with background

  • The photo with background removed by PhotoAI.

add color to old photos
PhotoAI could colorize your black and white photo
  • The original black and white picture.

  • The colorized photo processed by PhotoAI.

remove image noises
PhotoAI could make noise reduction hassle-free
  • The original photo with noises

  • The photo with noises removed effortlessly.

PhotoAI Mac App

Discover powerful features to boost your productivity

In 2018, we launched AI Image Enlarger for the first time, our team and team members are working with AI technology for quite years. Now we integrate all powers into PhotoAI so you can boost your productivity when you need to use AI to enhance your photos.

photoai mac video
Automatic & Fast

Powerful AI system will upscale and enhance your photo on Mac automatically.

All-in-one Toolkit

PhotoAI integrates all of our AI powers and more stunning features coming.

Small in Size

The PhotoAI app is quite small in size (Only 8.5MB). Save your Mac disk space.


Feel safe to use PhotoAI. All uploaded items will be clear within 24 hours.

Getting Started is Fast & Easy

Download PhotoAI on your Mac and get unlimited access to the AI services.

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